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Chemicals - Washroom

LIQUID BLEACH - Liquid Bleach is a concentrated germicidal agent for cleaning food preparation equipment and hard surfaces. Hygienically cleans and freshens tea towels, dish cloths and floor mops.


Available in 5 & 20 Litre

SANIFOAM - Foaming Chlorinated Cleaner is specifically formulated to cling onto walls, floors and equipment until fat, grease and grime dissolve. Rinsing with hot water then removes emulsified oils, fats and grease. Residual eucalyptus afternote.


Available in 20 Litre

WASHROOM HEAVY DUTY - Washroom Cleaner is a powerful formula that cleans, disinfects and deodorises almost all washroom accessories & surfaces. Ideal to remove scale, rust, uric acid, mould, mildew & other stains.


Available in 5 Litre

PRO BLUE - PREMIUM Toilet & Urinal Blocks Readily Bio-degradable. Charged with pro-active bacteria. Odour eliminators remove cause of odours.  Septic & grey water safe. Loaded with aromatic fragrance


Order Code: 51650

Available in 5 Kg

URINAL SCREENS - Scent Aire Urinal Screens offer strong gradual fragrance release ensures 30 days use. Contains enzymes to clean and eliminate odours. Elevated risers ensure full drainage. Safe for use in waterless systems. Four fragrances available.


Order Code: BUR9

Carton of 12

MOULD NO MORE - Cleaner Sanitiser is ideal to remove fungi, mould and body fats. Can be used on ceramics, porcelain, stainless steel and more.


Available in 5 Litre

SWEET LU - Blue is an in cistern toilet blue with surfactants. It is a long lasting commercial grade sanitiser. W65 x D65 x H130mm


Order Code: SWLU

SWEET LU - Clear is an in cistern toilet blue with surfactants. It is a long lasting commercial grade sanitiser for urinals. W65 x D65 x H130mm


Order Code: SWLUC


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